"They are really working fabulously - I'm amazed.  I have not used ANY fly spray since within about a week of putting them on!  Sorry, it's just that most of the time when something sounds too good to be true, it is, but not the case with this."
- Kathy

"Thank you. I ordered my first shoo!TAG (0Bug!Zone®) last March when I acquired 2 labs. My previous beloved lab died of bladder cancer that was caused by the inert ingredients in topical flea applications. I never want to have a dog die that way again if I can help it. The shoo!TAGs (0Bug!Zone®) worked on my current dogs to repel 100% of fleas – they never had fleas from March through December 2014. The tags – I’m ashamed to admit – lasted about 9 months (I know they aren’t supposed to offer protection for that long). I just ordered new tags because I noticed both dogs itching – and realized “oh crud! I forgot to get new tags!” It’s my own fault – these tags work. I’m so impressed and thankful for them! I tell everyone about them. Thank you for making this technology available to us."
- Kimberly

"This is the best invention ever. I love not having to deal with sticky smelly sprays or other things that don’t work. I only have used the mosquito one. I’ve used this for 3 summers and it has worked every time. The mosquitoes usually LOVE me and I haven’t been bitten once since using this. It’s simple to us. When I first get it I usually sleep with it on me somewhere if I know I need it the next day, so it has plenty of time to “charge”. Then the day of, I usually stick it in my bra or my jean pocket. It lasts 3-4 months which is the whole summer. Then as long as you have it on you a few hours prior to whenever you need it, it seems to work just fine. I’m just sorry I didn’t come across this sooner."
- Exotic Ivy

"I Have been trying it for 6 weeks now, and am so pleased that I’m going to get one for all my fellow gardeners. When I water my container plants in the early morning I used to have over a dozen mosquitoes swarming my legs. Now, with the shoo!TAG (0Bug!Zone®) only one or two once in a while. I highly recommend it, especially with the threat of West Nile virus looming over us Texans."
- Michelle

"To all you folks that are looking for the perfect item to keep your animals free of ticks and fleas, well, I found that item the the shoo!TAG (0Bug!Zone®). We hunt for 45 days in Kansas where the ticks are as think as honey, but we purchased the shoo!TAG (0Bug!Zone®) and our two labs had a tick free season this past fall. I encourage you all to try this for a season and you and your pets will be pleasantly surprised. I’ve tried so many different things, and my husband saw this on one of his hunting shows, and we’re hooked. I’ll do anything to keep my dogs comfortable, and free from those little creatures! Thank you!!! shoo!TAG (0Bug!Zone®)!!!"
- Kathy, Michigan

"I needed a better flea control – Sentinel was not working well. I had fleas on a dog that were feeding blood meals, I put a shoo!Tag (0Bug!Zone®) on his collar and to date NO FLEAS EXPERIENCED!"
- Brian R.,DVM, Texas

"I am excited to let you know how much I enjoyed using you Quantum Physics based deterrent for many pests. I have been ij practice for 28 years and an Alternative/Holistic practitioner since relocating to LA in 1992. This is the best system and very effective. The beauty is that it lasts for months. There are no chemicals or oils to apply and no smell. Using Muscle response testing we are able to determine allergies to anything. Often pets become allergic to the contact of scent reactions altogether. This is a tremendous futuristic breakthrough product that is available NOW! It is amazing in spite of the awareness today in Quantum Physic and Energy Medicine.!"
- Roger V., DVM, NPD

"Thanks for developing a product that actually WORKS! From the day I put this tag on my three dogs, they have not scratched. No fleas, no ticks! It’s a miracle. This is a great relief for me, because the other tick and flea medicines I have been using are invasive, to say the least. I had to take one of my dogs to the vet after he developed an acute reaction to a flea bath. And as for my horses, they are no longer fly magnets! While I have not had medical problems with the various fly sprays, they just do not last in effectiveness. And they are EXPENSIVE! It is also one less thing I have to do every day to maintain the health and happiness of my horses. You’re on a winner!"
- Colin D., President, The Australian Stock Saddle Company, California

"Just wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate your product. I’ve never been a big fan of chemical tick treatments *nor do they work so why waste your money). I tried many alternatives from the all-natural products to garlic granules but none seemed to work. Finally after searching the internet I came across shoo!TAG (0Bug!Zone®). I though what the heck, I’ve tried everything else. The summer of 2011 was my first time using shoo!TAG (0Bug!Zone®) and I must say my search for the best tick product has ended. All summer, I did not need to pull off one tick from any of my three dogs. I plan to use shoo!TAG (0Bug!Zone®) again this year and the years to come. The price is no more expensive than other tick products, so why not go with the BEST!! Also, my congrats to a wonderful customer service team you have. These days I do not find many companies with good customer service, but you guys are a A+."
- Ellyn, Vermont

"I bought the flea/tick one for my toy Pomeranian in June, due to finding 3 ticks on her in May. She hasn’t had a tick since I placed her shoo tags 0Bug!Zone®) on her collar. I am continually being bitten by mosquitoes- and due to not having a spleen get infections from the bites. I purchased a tag for myself, and haven’t had a single bite. Thank you for the amazing idea, I love them."
- Pati R. Pennsylvania

"Tick tags work. I have been singing your praises for years. Great product!"
- Pat S., Minnesota

"Xena just finished her first season on shoo!TAGS(0Bug!Zone®) (and it was a resounding success! Back in April I applied a spot-on insecticide and, true to form, the next day Xena vomited. As I watched my poor dog being sick I thought, there has to be a better way…a way to protect her without poisoning her as a Saint Bernard requires an awful LOT of topical product. A little research led me to your product. At first I was skeptical. Could it really be this easy or is this just modern day snake oil? Well, I decided to give the shoo!TAGS(0Bug!Zone®) a shot and guess what? They worked! I attached flea, tick and mosquito tags to the inside of her collar and we were amazed, happy and a bit jealous when a cloud of mosquitoes actually parted like the Red Sea when she passed though them! I think next year we’re going to get some human tags as well! After an entire season bug free we’re sold! shoo!TAGS (0Bug!Zone®) forever! Thank you!"
- Walter Z, Wisconsin

"We have tried EVERYTHING for our Beagle, he has bad allergies. He was miserable, constantly scratching and digging, losing his hair, not able to sleep… all from Flea bites. He would have bad reactions to all the Flea meds the Vet recommended; we thought we would never find anything to help him. Then I stumbled upon this product, it was a GOD SEND!!! Within 24 hours our little Beagle started feeling better, it has been almost a month and STILL he is not scratching at all!!! We bought one for each of our dogs hoping it would work and seriously it works better than any other Flea Preventative we have ever tried. All 3 of our dogs are flea free without any side effects or allergic reactions!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!"
- Jaimee W.

“I’m grateful for having the opportunity to use shoo!TAG®(0Bug!Zone®)for myself and to be able share it with my friends. I want to compliment them on the excellent product as well as the generosity they have shown by donating tags to the YMBL charity golf tournament which helps raise money for the Austin Sunshine Camps. As a result, I’ve had “1st Class” responses from a number of people who have tried the tags for the first time. Everyone appreciated the quality and benefit of the product and I assume they will be long time fans just like me.”
- David Q.