Pets are People Too

Studies show that a person with a pet is actually healthier than a person without. One of the favorite parts of our company is the family atmosphere, which includes our pets. Every employee is allowed to bring their pet to work each day. No, we do not make them work, so no need to call any authority on us! We just love our pets and want to hang with them all day.

We are awesome. Okay, not the most humble start, but our technology has allowed thousands to eliminate messy liquids, smelly oils, dusty powders and harmful poisons from their pets, family and the environment – and that is pretty awesome, wouldn’t you agree? We started a few years ago with one of those ideas that is so simple, it almost seems crazy. But crazy it was not. Crazy hard to do though, it was. Defining the specific frequencies for each bug and then developing a system to encode a tag with the frequency that is powered by your own natural energy field was truly a feat of engineering. We have a lot of people to thank and are grateful to all of the supporters who believed in us and helped make this all possible. We would love to call them all out here, but the music is playing and it is time to move on.

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