How It Works

Some products sound complicated, but are actually very simple (we like to say brilliant) in how they work. This is the case with the 0Bug!Zone® product. When we set out to create 0Bug!Zone® we knew we wanted a product that was completely “Green.”  One of our pet peeves is the damaging effects that the typical insect sprays or lotions can have on the environment. Plus we wanted to design a product that was completely safe for use with all other devices such as a pacemaker or animal microchip. As a result, we created 0Bug!Zone® –a safe, “Green” and chemical-free product that protects people and animals against insects without the use of lotions or sprays. The technology behind 0Bug!Zone® is that it creates a “frequency barrier” designed to protect people, pets and animals from insects. According to our research, each insect is repelled by a specific frequency— which explains why some packages contain more than one tag. We encode the frequency into a magnetic strip on the 0Bug!Zone® (Yes, it’s the same type of strip used on your credit or debit card, and no we cannot add 0Bug!Zone® to your Visa card.) The product works because the natural energy field created by an animal or person expands the specific frequency, which creates a barrier from insects.

THE SCIENCE BEHIND 0Bug!Zone® represents a paradigm shift in the pest management industry. 0Bug!Zone® utilizes nature’s energetic principles in combination with physics, quantum physics and advanced computer software technology. They key to 0Bug!Zone® is the three dimensional electromagnetic field embedded in the magnetic strip. 0Bug!Zone® when used as instructed utilizes the power of the bio-energetic field which surrounds all living things to create a frequency barrier for up to three months. 0Bug!Zone® magnetic strip is encoded with beneficial frequencies and resonances and an electromagnetic charge bearing a polarized energy signature, which when introduced into the bio-energetic field of the wearer produces results. 0Bug!Zone® is calibrated to specific animals and specific insects to repel targeted pests. This is possible because various insects and pests react to frequencies. These frequencies are introduced into the bio-energetic field of the wearer. These specific frequencies and resonances have proven to disturb targeted pests and create a barrier. We have conducted dozens of field tests to prove the effectiveness of the 0Bug!Zone® product, much to the dismay of some of our employees. After all, nobody likes to be the one who has to go into a small tent with 1000 mosquitoes without 0Bug!Zone®! Check out the video from our the August 2010 test! And finally, if none of this gives you confidence, then how about our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! We are one of the ONLY pest products available that guarantee’s the product to work!