The life of a horse is filled with bugs. From the midges on the east coast, to the housefly, to the stable flies that feed on the horse’s blood to the “size of a small bird” horse and deer flies.”.  Not to mention mosquitoes which transmit Eastern/Western Encephylitis. While some of these flies are just annoying, others have a sting that is rather painful and still others have a bite that brings disease and other ailments to the animal. In addition to flies of all types, sizes and shapes, mosquitos are also a problem. These disease carriers are so annoying that they often cause weight loss and poor reproduction. The bad news is that there is a plethora of insecticides available in topical sprays, foggers, misters, strips laced with insecticide (but they are not a good idea in enclosed areas,) fly bait (but this really only works on houseflies) Plus, almost all of these have warnings against using on bedding, inside the stable or any enclosed areas. But with 0Bug!Zone® you simply attach the tags and then you are done – for up to 3 months! You will be amazed at the number of flies and mosquitos that 0Bug!Zone® will keep away. No product can get them all, but our product does the best and there are no messy liquids or powders, no harmful poisons and no continual applications.